Week 4 – Feel the feelings while Breaking Bad Habits ;)

This week I found all of these readings really start to sink into my soul. I am an emotional person on the inside but showing feelings and letting feelings in has never been my strong suit. I really wanted to make a conscious effort to start FEELING !! Reading my DMP with feelings and visualizing it happening felt so good. I found myself smiling and reading and smiling more. Reading the words out loud from the promise card gave me this power to be a better person and beat my negative habits. I literally was walking around with a perma Smile and saying “Hi” “Good Morning” to everyone. It made my day better so much better getting all the smiles in return.

All of these readings do seem to be a lot of work, but truly it does not require a lot of time. It requires breaking our bad habits of procrastinating. I am amazed at how easy it is to NOT do them and how easy it is to FALL BACK into our old ways that get us no where. My problem is that I lean towards completing household task and chores and clean none stop. With two babies in diapers it is never ending!!!. I have to hold strong on making my readings at the top of the priority list otherwise I fall into my same old patterns. My system that works best for me is to wake up half an hour earlier in the morning and complete my first full set of readings distraction FREE!!!. It starts my day off feeling great and happy and determined to have a god day. I visualize my future that I am on the path of achieving. It FEELS AWESOME.

Keep on Reading and Feeling 🙂


Week 3 – The Struggles Don’t Quite Seem so Hard These Days !

Last week I really felt the resistance. This week I made a conscious decision to break past it. My DMP was the killer for me. For some reason I just struggled so hard trying to get specific and bring out feelings into my words. I have never truly given a hard thought into my true desires and wants in life, and feelings…… well I have never been much to show emotion LOL!. Ive just been coasting along with a general idea and general feelings. I have always known I wanted to spend time in Africa Helping others, but literally had no plans. This DMP forced me to do a little research. It brought so much more excitement to my week and now I have clearer picture in my head. Everything is just starting to come together for me, my thoughts and ideas are brighter. I’m loving how much emotion this course is bringing into me. I’m going for the strong finish this week! Can’t wait to see what is in store for next 🙂

Week 2 – Powering Through the Resistance

Coming out of week 1 feeling amazing with the daily readings of the Blue Print Builder, Scroll 1 and Masterkey Part 2. It was especially interesting feeling a shift in my thoughts during the 15 min sit. Week 1 took great note on how many thoughts rushed through my head, but during the second week I was able to calm them down.

I found the chore was easy for me to complete as my life revolves around them!!. It was a nice change though to write it out complete it and FEEL!!! it.

I have been feeling a great resistance with myself creating my DMP. I know logically what I am suppose to do, but am extremely surprised at how difficult it is creating a very specific plan for my life. Even though I feel myself struggling with my DMP, I am so beyond excited to dig deep down and putting in the thought and emotion to have my definite purpose in life!

Week 1 – The Beginning Chapter of my MasterKey Experience

I am loving the masterkey master alliance experience. I have always had a generalized idea of who I am and where I want to be in life, but have never looked for a definite self with a definite direction. I feel my thoughts beginning to change from a negative mindset to a more positive mindset with the daily readings of Scroll number 1 and the BPB. I now wake up every morning with a purpose for the day and the motivation to accomplish my tasks. My sense of self is beginning to develop. I am most excited to learn how to develop my personalized DMP and work towards making it my reality. !!